Sunday, March 19, 2006


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`veg and more veg. I am trying to grow seedlings using guttering which is working really great. The idea is that you can sow your seeds in the compost in the guttering. When they come up,you can easily space them by weeding some out. The process of planting out should be fun but you need 2 people. You make a small trench where the plants will end up, you carefully slide in sections of the plants in the guttering and they will be straight, have very little root disturbance. When you have planted them out, hou just start again.

the black plastic all around also gives them some heat.

I was missing some heat today so...if its good for the plants , it has to be good for me too. A bit of sun bathing in the polytunnel. I took my book, my seat and my cup of tea and basked in the free warmth. Ok, the kids were painting and I did help out but it was heavenly and very simple. This is the life.

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