Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I am just going outside and may be some time.
Captain Lawrence Oates, last words
(1880 - 1912)

It is spring after all and I must make the most of some fresh air. DH has gone and got the straw for the chickens and we are set to go, although the man we get the chickens from has flu ( I did ask the same thing...not bird flu, just man flu!) Small delay then but worth waiting for.

Have lost some petunia seedlings that have gone well, shrunk out of sight but potatoes planted are showing through and everything else is promising.

Spent a few hours making plum freezer jam ( has about 8lbs of plums in the freezer and I was decluttering) and now, I have 10 jars of greengage jam. Last summer, my friend had a bumper crop of plums and I had no energy to deal with them so froze them. Seems that works quite well. So if you know someone with a plum tree, keep and eye on it and see whether you can get some next summer. Planning ahead

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