Friday, March 24, 2006


Dieting is hard, not buying anything much is harder but the intention is there. I have to admit, I have been brought up in a consumerism society and kicking that habit is going to be tough. And then there are wishlists. The good thing about a wishlist is that you get the buzz of adding to it, and think you will be buying it and then you can zap it in a few months when you really do not want to buy it. Thats the theory. The practice is harder.
Talking of books, this one is on my list, a book by Judith Levine, My Year without shopping. It sounds a good read but buying the book defeats the self imposed embargo. How did she manage it?
I have managed to eat my way through the freezer this month. It is nearly empty, well that is the chest freezer, the other one is still full. The idea being that I will be able to switch teh chest freezer off for a few weeks, clean it out thoroughly and then start a journal which tracks what is in and out of the freezer. Its not a sort of waste department but there seems little point in freezing things because you do not want to throw them away ( guilty of that too). So more discipline is needed.


The chart will be coming in soon and the boys are already having mixed reactions to chores, from ' yeah, cannot wait '( for which you have to be 7 years old and still gullable) and ' grunt' which fits the other 2. Some bargaining is already starting, showing that if you have pocketmoney saved you can pay your way out of it. ( Does that remind you of an accurate picture of society maybe?) Anyhow, I am looking forward to seeing whether it works. I do hope so, it would be a life saver. The boys asked why ever did I want them to do chores, and I said' simply because you need to know how to run the house should the grownups be out of action'. I probably did not do the best sales job on that one, but then sales was never my forte. I will fill you in next week.

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