Saturday, March 04, 2006


It seems endless, the stuff we have accummulated over the years and the uncluttering is still going on. I took part in a food hygiene course and am currently decluttering the freezer. There are things in there that have been lurking for months ( dare I say years) and must be dealt with soon. I will then be defrosting the freezer and keep a journal of what goes in and the dates. This should help me have an organised larder. I really had no idea that I had so much stuff lurking about. I must have been a compulsive potatoe chips purchaser. How many bags does one need?

On a more positive note, the car is back, shining and all is forgiven. I think my only option now is to run it until it stops running. The temptation has been to replace it or do away with it alltogether and yet, that is not really in the spirit of downshifting.

I read somewhere today that to keep you car in tip top condition you should do the following:
  • check oil levels and tyre pressures regularly
  • have a service every 6 months
  • check tyres and make sure they are legal.
  • do not carry stuff in it, make it as light as possible.
  • wash it regularly
  • have it resprayed when it is 7 years old and it will look as new
  • hopefully it will keep going until 10 years old.

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Katie said...

My husband, bless his soul, is so good at taking care of our cars. He regularly checks fluids, tire pressure, etc and does a lion's share of the maintainance himself. Our "newest" car is almost 11 years old. We have four cars, which is a bit ridiculous, I admit - but we each have a car to drive to work, we have a pick up that rarely gets use but sometimes it is nice to have a pickup truck especially for the farmers market and my husband has a little sports car thing that only gets the occasional summer drive.

My husband will tell you that the keeping an eye on fluids, especially oil, will keep a car running for a very long time.