Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Hmm, I wonder how they will get in in winter in Cornwall. Cannot wait to see the next episode next week. The waterwheel contstruction was great but my did they have a lot of mouths to feed with those students working away during the summer. I can see the allure of that, sea, time with your mates and free beer....I remember those days too well. Its in the diary to have a look at the next segment.

The programme had some useful information on alternative energy, on encouraging us to buy our electricity from companies that provide green energy, here are soem sources:
good energy
southern electricity

The last options offers me a £ 32 saving apparently and pays £ 10 to the RSPB, so that seems to be a good option to go for at the moment. And £ 32 is after all £ 32 in my pocket and changing to green electricity helps my conscience and the environment. I will continue my efforts to make changes.


Ruth P said...

I recordered it and watched some. I also believe like you do and live in the UK. I am a mennonite and live in Cambridgeshire.

SockknittingMama said...

I was unaware that there were mennonites in the UK. Thanks for visiting my blog, I aspire to a simpler life.

Marie-Lynn said...

. I hope this show is broadcast on BBC Canada so that other Canadians (who can't download programs off the Net) can discover it and be inspired by it.