Monday, March 06, 2006


Although daytime temperatures stay light and cold, in the polytunnel there is sign of life. Rocket seedlings are appearing, the redcurrant and blackcurrant are beginning to bud and the peas sown are swollen and just waiting to appear.
In the house, the tomatoes are growing towards the light and pansy, bizzy lizzies and geraniums are popping up too. If this keeps going, there will be plenty of colour and goodness in the garden this year.
I have to admit that the seedlings in the polytunnel do get covered with fleece to keep them unharmed from frosts in the night.
There's not enough to change the diet yet, but tonight's menu is leek and potatoe soup which has a little wild garlic in it and blackberry and apple crumble which is made with berries picked last autumn. That also satisfies my start to a more vegetarian diet. My DS 1 tried tofu sausages at a healthy eating day tasting and so we bought some to try, they are very quick to prepare but take some getting used to. We can get used to them.


NicoleW said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I was told about your blog via homestead blogger. Your post about rocket caught my eye. I bought some a couple of days ago and it makes a nice salad with sun dried tomatoes. In the States they call it arugula. I am still a bit traditional with my greens, and haven't grown any, but this year we did try growing mustard greens.

Anonymous said...

Do you think avian flu is going to be a problem ?

I heard it would hit USA & Canada this fall.

Is there anything to the avian flu panic ?