Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Some of the comments I have received relate to getting organised to make your life simpler. Two resources that are interesting to browse on that front are organised home and flylady.
The first one uses schedules and lovely charts you can print off to get you going and offers a spring cleaning checklist should you need to have that. Flylady is one that tackles household chaos in a more structured way by using 10 to 15 mins per day on tasks that eventually make your home clean and tidy and your home organised. It can take months though beware. It took me 6 months to get the hang of these routines. Little emails get into your mailbox every day with some or other tasks I had not dreamt needed doing but they were worth it in the end.
Just in case you feel the nesting instinct to clear the decks before summer gets here.

Thanks to Remu chorebuster allows you to create a chart with the chores for family members or flatmates. I thought this was neat and had not come across it before. So thanks for that tip am working on it.

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Rimu said...

You might find http://www.chorebuster.net/ is more self-directed; you create your own chore schedule, with chores automatically shared amongst everyone in the household