Thursday, March 23, 2006


Its still very cold out there, but I have been pricking out petunia, geranium and trailing lobelia for my hanging baskets in the summer. I have a few flower baskets in my polytunnel to get the bees and insects to come and visit and aid pollination.

The peas are showing through in the guttering and when they are a little bigger they will go in the bed which is being dug over, and compost added.

Planted Tithonia Sunflower in jiffy cubes and hopefully that will give us a mexican show in the front garden which faces south.

Saladings doing Ok slow on the uptake as temperatures are still quite low.

Planted some french beans in root trainers, covered up with a plastic lid so it acts as a greenhouse in a greenhouse.

Looking out for rhubarb which is not yet to be seen. Seasonal in my garden is wild garlic and the last of the leeks which will be pulled up today.

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