Tuesday, March 28, 2006


If you are in the UK, this programme on tonight on BBC at 8 pm might be worth a view.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Tue 28 Mar, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm 60mins

The Strawbridge family are going green. Inventor and engineer Dick, his planet-loving wife Brigit and kids James and Charlotte take on a 300-year-old farmhouse in Cornwall - with three acres of land, a leaky roof and no plumbing, electricity or home comfort in sight.

Their aim is to live a 21st Century lifestyle and be self-sufficient in energy and food.

But says retired Lieutenant-Colonel Dick: "We're definitely not eco-warriors. We aren't prepared to give up our creature comforts for long. We want our coffee machine, dishwasher and washing machine."

On their three acre plot they plan to grow all their own fruit and vegetables, fatten pigs and keep chickens.

With hilarious and heart-warming results, in this first double bill episode, Dick and his band of helpers build a water wheel to power the house lights.

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