Monday, March 13, 2006


How thrilling I hear you say. Well actually it is. The peas are popping through and the little heartshaped leaves of small red cabbages and green savoy cabbages are poking their life force up in the air hoping to grow, grow, grow. Suits me, hopefully I will end up with sufficient plants to make a meal from next winter. It all takes patience. If only you knew how long a cabbage is in the making, how long it needs to mature before we get it on our plate we might appreciate and respect the growing process a little more. As long as it does not meet with wet rot or anything similar we could be Ok for cabbage next winter.
The remaining goals are a bit on hold for the moment as my personal powercut continues, but the thinking process does not lack there either.
Interesting article in the paper today about the ton of packaging used by one family in one month. Water could be on ration next summer and electricity prices are going up.
Time for action seems now.

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clairesgarden said...

I agree, seedlings coming up are exciting, its that time of year! almost anyway.. too chilly today.