Monday, June 22, 2009

On planet earth

An elusive matter, time, flying past. It has been quiet on the blog but not in my surroundings.My need for quietude, rest and peace is greater than it has ever been not just because my energy is limited but because I often reflect on who is in the driving seat when it comes to the activities I undertake.
I have questioned how I have formed my goals in life, the ones I followed as a young adult and how easily it is to follow everyone else and lose your authenticity, the element that makes us unique. What happens to our personal power when we give away or even lose our uniqueness Over the last month I have observed how my boys make choices in their lives and some are influenced by peers, some are influenced by society and sometimes there is a glimpse of an authentic human being. Those moments are rare and need to be savoured. As unique human beings we can make our unique contribution to this world, but as clones and uniform personalities our need to compete will be greater. Between young men there is definitely a need to lead and be the best, a lot of jostling and fighting and yet when you highlight that they are all good at something and if they only worked together they would really be worth following, they look up as if I am living on another planet. Maybe I am?

'Leadership is an attitude, not a position'