Sunday, March 12, 2006


I can tell you that the day they pull out the electricity plug, we will be in trouble...well for a while until people rally around and realise that there is a lot we can do together without electricity.

Apparently Einstein's theory of relativity says that you cannot make or lose energy it only gets shifted around, which makes complete sense. Continuing to use energy as if there is no tomorrow is therefore only robbing the future of possibilities.

Our personal energy is precious, people who do too much have a heart attack possibly and others end up with Chronic Fatigue, a sort of start stop malfunction in the body that enables energy to be available some of the time, then not.

Its bearable and the way through it is through pacing, something we can learn from in trying to pace our energy requirements. How are you doing?

I cannot recommend this route for personal development and learning but learn I pace, simplify and use energy wisely.

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