Thursday, February 02, 2006

The No Fail bread Loaf

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Just wanted to ' prove' ( pun intended) that the bread making did succeed. The no fail recipe is indeed no fail and the end result was well ,just lovely. The whole thing took more than 6 hours waiting time, and the smell when it came out was just heavenly. I wonder whether breadchick has some more recipes with different flour so I can create variety. I did check my breadmaker machine and it uses up 0.5 unit when making a loaf which is not that much but if I made bread every day as above, that would save on average 160 units per year. It all mounts up, So did the washing up though....

What was the pay off then.....less electricity, wonderful kneading action, heavenly smell and happy family. I also managed to explain the physics breadmaking in the process of the day to a poorly boy who is suffering and sniffing away. Lots of TLC needed, which he got as well as a nice hot chocolate and some bread and jam.


lauren said...

Looks beautiful! I knew it was a keeper when my husband starting snacking on toast. Breadcick recently posted a multigrain recipe that I want to try as soon as I get the grains this weekend.

breadchick said...

Hi Sockknittingmama! Your loaf looks lovely as does the rise. I have several recipes that use this same method that I will be happy to send you. I posted a 5 Grain Whole Wheat bread on Monday for Lauren at Ardent Eden

Also, sometimes when I'm feeling wild, I substitute 1/2 wheat flour and 1/2 bread flour for the no-fail. When I do this, I also use 1/2 teaspoon vital wheat gluten
to help the wheat flour develop. You may also need to slightly decrease the water to 8oz as wheat flour produces a wetter dough.

Again, very nice bread! Happy Kneading.