Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today, there was a very cold wind out there and yet when I am in the polytunnel, there is no sign of it and I too can benefit from a little warmth generated by the sun.
Was given a blackcurrant bush at Christmas which was planted in a pot and have managed to sew some peas and saladings in black guttering. The idea being that when they grow up a bit, I will be able to simply slide the soil into a trench and they will grow in a row without too much disturbance. It sounds crazy, thats probably why I give it a go, but in general I am trying to simplify gardening. I have raised beds and the guttering is 2 m long and in principle that should match up. The tomato seeds have germinated and are showing signs of growing towards the light. As last year I will probably have a surplus but I am quite happy with that, I can share it with my neighbours who cannot start plants that early.

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