Thursday, February 23, 2006


Where does all the stuff come from that we accumulate I wonder? I have been decluttering my home for the last 12 months and there is always more that I find that I have no idea why I am keeping it. We do get given lots of stuff from others which is very generous of them and I always accept reserving the right to use it, recyle it or give it away to charity in the best way I see fit. This week I have been tidying the boys bedrooms, with some interesting conversations afterwards I have to say. I came across 10 pairs of jeans I had received in various sizes which I had been saving for my boys but it appears that they do not like the feel of jeans and prefer some loose trousers. So why keep it? Having created a space there, I managed to put the variety of stuffed toys there that usually hang about all over the place. The 2 younger boys did not object but my 12 year old went into adolescent mode, it appears I invaded his space and his way of arranging things. I did apologise but from that has come the pointer from him that I am no longer required to clean his room, he will do it himself. Sounds fine to me, it seems a way to downshift my housework.

One of the loves I have , is a love of books. What can you do with the books you have read. It is an ongoing dilemma for me. So here are some options:
  1. Give them to someone else to read if you have enjoyed it very much.
  2. list them with Amazon or greenmetropolis
  3. sell them on ebay
  4. give them to a charity shop

Then again, you could buy less books and go to the library which solves that problem in its entirety. There are books I cannot part with because I look at them on a regular basis and I love vintage cookery books just to indulge myself in how real food was cooked a long time ago.

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