Thursday, February 09, 2006


The plastic bag thing has been on my mind. I have now had a reply from my local council who say that unfortunately there are no recycling facilities for the bags as yet apart from the supermarket. I remain unclear as to what they actually do with them? Anybody know?
I purchased a tote bag in the charity shop which is covered in plastic, and will be my rainy day bag. I have found that I possess a variety of cloth bags from a variety of sources.
My DS , smallest one, did an exercise on weights at school comparing the strength of plastic bags, paper bags and cloth bags , putting about 10kg of weight in each. The cloth bag won the day and that does it for me. I can decorate my bag as I wish, now there's a creative idea.
Get yourself a cloth bag or make one out of worn jeans and then decorate with fabric paint. Or you could recycle your bags using Jodi's idea.

I'll put that on the creative list to do.


They arrived in the post today. The 18 KW bulbs for the light in the lounge are 'huge' and I cannot test the light quality until later, but I am pleased to say that I have persevered in putting them in ( shh, incognito, wonder whether anyone will notice the difference). I also got some R65 spotlight bulbs and they looked like they had a microchip in them, really techy stuff but they are in and they do the job , cannot 'spot' the difference as yet. ( pun intended, I know I have a weird sense of humour!)
That is about the limit financially that I can go to this month.

Off to the kitchen to prepare some convenience food. Not really, I am cooking a vegetable lasagne ahead of time, which will go in the freezer until that day when I have no time to cook from scratch but want a take away. I will then take it away from my freezer. Am branching out, not only do I want to be the greengrocer, baker but maybe I will do the deli department too. Stretched I hear you say, you bet ,but ...... I feel good doing this.

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