Monday, February 27, 2006


Saving water being one of my points to consider and I have a leaky tap in the kitchen. I could do this myself but I do not have the skills and the tap is of the ancient variety as well as being very hot. So what to do when you have little things that need doing and you cannot do them. Ofcourse I could get a plumber out but that will cost me a lot of money or learn the skills of how to do this ( no time at present as it is urgent!) Being a member of a LETS scheme however means that I can ring the organiser, tell her about my leaking tap and she puts me in touch with the man who can. This was done within 24 hours. The tap is mended, I met a nice man who is saving 500 gallons of water a year and apart from having my tap mended, I have learnt a lot of information to keep me going for a while, from where to get cheap compost material to where to get free manure. ( Not everyone's cup of tea, but if you meet a man who is in the know?)
I have paid him in virtual money and having listed a variety of my skills on the register, hopefully someone in need of my skills will give me a call. Interesting economy and puts me in touch with a local likeminded community.

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