Saturday, February 04, 2006


Ok, so how exactly can you measure your ecological footprint. You can do this quiz which will tell you how well you are doing compared with the average household in your area. I was shocked to see that in the USA the national average footprint is 25 and in the UK 5.3. We are doing well at 4.3 but it could be better and I was shocked to find out that we use up twice the resources available on our planet. Hopefully that will give us something to think about. I care about that a lot, and about the fact that if I do not make changes, it will become a necessirty for my children.
It is very cold here today, we have no heating, I am wearing wool socks, thick sweater and drinking a hot drink. It is something to get used to...or very much depends on your comfort zone. Mine is being challenged currently.

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