Wednesday, February 22, 2006


We had a planned powercut today which was kind of interesting. Knowing that the power was going to go off allowed us to do jobs in advance and I realised today that without power I would not be able to use the breadmaker, vacuum the floors, have a shower, use dishwasher, do laundry, work on the computer, listen to radio.....the list is endless. What happened though was that I came to appreciate the reason why my windows have windowseats, and some sort of connection to how dismally dark it must have been in the last century when there was no light at all during the day. I had to cook my dinner by 3 pm otherwise I would have had trouble seeing what I was doing in the kitchen. I take lights and electricity for granted and would be lost without it in a sense. I spent time reading sitting near the window and going outside when the rain abated to do some gardening. What I liked though was the silence in the house, no radio, no computer whirring, just a simple silence where I could hear the birds singing in the garden and reflect upon a simpler lifestyle. When the children got back, lights went on and silence disappeared.

My onions planted in the fall are coming up nicely, and I prepared the bed for the potatoes to go in in the polytunnel as that could be done even in the rain. Another 5 weeks for winter to go.......cannot wait for spring.

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