Thursday, February 09, 2006


Getting back to the garden. My sweetpea plants are showing signs of coming up. There is still plenty of preparation that needs to be done for the coming season. My polytunnel has some algae lurking on the inside which need cleaning off and then I will be spreading compost in all the beds.

Plans for this month are :
  • planting salad leaves and annual herbs
  • 1st sowing of tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies and aubergines under cover
  • sowing in plugs or roottrainers of broad beans, peas and spinach
  • put the potatoes in the polytunnel by the end of February.

The main tasks are tidying up and cleaning the pots out. Looking at getting enough potting compost in and preparing for the warmer season. I have ordered some strawberry plants for the polytunnel which should be arriving beginning of March.

PS - I realise that not all of you can garden in this way but maybe you can look at sharing a garden, getting an allotment, growing vegetables in pots and on the windowsill.

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