Wednesday, January 25, 2006


We no longer buy bread in this house, simply because we have managed the art of making our own, or at least are working on getting better at doing so. I still need help from a breadmaker which is not ideal as it uses power. There is a theme in what I am trying to do and it is all related to energy, my personal energy and the energy available from other sources. I am keen to reduce our energy consumption but need time to increase my skills in doing so. Hence I have not yet managed to stop using the breadmaker. The first bit was to use it and stop buying my loaf in the shop,unless you use a local baker, and progress to the breadmaker. I do buy flour in bulk. It is not organic because I have not been able to locate a source nearly. Once you manage the art of making bread ( even in the breadmaker) you can become creative with the types of loaves you make. I tend to always include a novel flour type in my order to enable me to experiment. Sometimes it works, sometimes not but the idea is to get a bit of variety. I am tempted to make the no-fail breadrecipe from breadchick. What appeals is the no-fail bit. Having a family that rely on their daily loaf to be at least edible, I need a bit more time to experiment with dough making.Once you get the dough making sorted, you can try more than just a loaf, but make pizza, pitta bread, rolls etc. Its all about time management and energy. The breadmaker can take 6 hours to do this, it probably takes the same by hand, but I would at least like to give it a go.

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Melissa said...

TRY THE NO-FAIL RECIPE! Trust me, if anyone is impaired at breadmaking, it is me. I finally got around to making my first loaf yesterday, and it was well worth it. That loaf is now gone, and I have two more rising in the oven. If you simply follow the directions, you won't go wrong!