Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The weather today is apparently coming from Siberia, which means it is getting colder. We have no central heating in this house, a woodburner in the lounge and an Aga in the kitchen so today we are huddled in the kitchen. As I love to knit, I have a selection of nice warm socks as well as sweaters. There are some sweaters you cannot wear inside that often and I have a couple that suit this weather beautifully.

I have been out in the garden though, checking on the plants in the polytunnel and the rest of the day is spent drooling over seed catalogues and planning what my next job in the garden is. I will be planting seed potatoes in February as well as some early peas and lettuce plants. The weather is still very dull so when I can, I spend time mulching the beds with compost and generally preparing the ground. The good news about frost is that it should kill the bugs, well at least deter them from breeding too much.

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