Tuesday, January 17, 2006

DOWNSHIFTING WEEK- 22nd to 28th April 2005

Hooray, there is going to be a week to celebrate and work on downshifting. You will find a permanent link in the sidebar.
I have been spending far too much time browsing the web to try and find things about downshifting and not enough time getting on with it, but it is main aim that everyone will be able to share these links and create a greater awareness. This site is a wonderful resource with many links and ideas on how you can start your downshifting journey.

Suggestions for individuals are as follows :
Book a half-day off work to spend entirely with someone you love, no DIY allowed
Cook a meal from scratch, using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, preferably organic
Cut up a credit card
Donate a bag of clothes, toys or useful items to a local charity shop, refuge or recycling centre
Hand-make a simple card for the next birthday or event on your calendar
Eliminate 3 non-essential purchases this week
Plant something in the garden you can cultivate and eat and start a compost heap
Consider reputable work at home parents and small local businesses, for services you need
Tonight, turn off the television, switch on the radio, play a few games and talk

We already do the last thing on a regular basis. Wednesday night is our no TV night, which the children have found very difficult to adjust to. We have however rediscovered reading and playing the numerous boardgames that have been received as presents.

Downshifting and simplifying your life is done one step at a time. There is no need to rush.....just take one step and the rest follows.

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Tracey Smith said...


Thanks for highlighting NDW and congratulations on the birth of your worthy blog!

This is a massive, emerging market and good information on the subject will help people get on the right, green track. I wish you every success.

All good things,

Tracey Smith
Creator of National Downshifting Week