Wednesday, January 18, 2006


My postie often seems laden down with a variety of letters and mail he drops down in my porch. I have no letterbox so am acutely aware of the '' chuck, thudd" of the amount of mail that arrives. My usual excitement is quickly abated when, on a regular basis, I put more paper in my recycle box than use. To change this I have registered with the Mail Preference Service. It was quick and easy to register and hopefully I will see a change in the next few months.

The second thing which has prompted me to make changes was the interruption caused by 2 sales calls yesterday. I do not want to be rude to people, I love getting calls and talking to people and yet I felt frustrated at the way in which the callers went into a sales spiel without actually listening to me saying no. ( If thats your job, I am sorry, could not do it, take my hat off to you!) In the past I have been polite, said no. This has also often not had any effect at all making me feel as if I am unusual in that which maybe I am. Thanks to the power of advertising, my brain seemed to recall some information about a telephone preference service.Details can be found in your telephone directory or here.

Both online processes were quick and easy. Again, you may want to read the small print to see if it fits in with what you want in your life. Small thing to do, took 10 mins and should be beneficial to some ( apologies to mail marketing firms!)

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