Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Sounds impossible you say. I beg to differ. If time is money, and money equals time spent out of the home, lets see what the figures say:


home help 2184 / 0
childcare 2 children 10, 800 /0
Food shopping 5040/ 2500
Transport costs 3000 /1500

Total costs 21024 /4000

This does not include the amounts spent by families on taking kids away on holiday once a year, all half term activities, lunches out, and all other costs associated with work.

An alternative to working out of the home is to work from home, freelance at whatever is your niche in life or become adept at being what my DH calls' DIRECTOR OF HOME AFFAIRS'.

If you are unsure as to whether you have the capabilities of running a business.......I question why as you already have all the skills,you are doing it.
The secret is very simple.......use the WOW factor ( well organised woman)

I don't advocate here that you should all stay at home, but simply that you consider the cost versus the time you spend away and check whether this is how you want to live. You may have another choice here.

If you are missing the pension contributions and health care....you could save some money for yourself if you so wish.


I am in the lounge/living room area this week. I have packaged up some children's videos and posted on my local freecycle site to that they can find a new home. I have cleaned the floor in the kitchen and hall. Defrosting for tonights dinner is my home made spaghetti sauce which my kids look forward to. Sitting down to work on my blog and catch up on emails. Then will tackle some more sorting in the lounge. 11 am is my sit down and relax time, time for some reading after which there should be some time to listen to some music or podcast and finish my sweater. Lunch will be a simple bowl of home made soup with some fruit after which I will have a little nap ( medicinal purposes). Then chickens will be fed corn and will check on egg production ( not a lot as it is winter), but will talk to them and spend some time in the garden checking my plants in the polytunnel. Picking up son from school, have cookies and milk and then put on the fire in the lounge. We will have some together time, doing home work and generally catching up with what is happening. When the other boys get home, music practices will take place, some relaxing together and then we will have tea as a family. When home work is done, we all huddle round the fire, feet warmed up, reading books with me knitting.

DH has just told me he wishes to change our shopping day from Thursday to Tuesday as he has a new commitment on Tuesday near the shops, so should save diesel getting there and back. I can adjust to that.

I am having a car free day.

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