Monday, January 30, 2006


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A few years ago, my shopping trolley would be full of those cereal boxes with toys in them. The choice often was not made by me but by the children (very early consumer choice) and then we just kept on buying the same ones from week to week. If you have got into that mind set, consider some alternatives:

Boiled egg with toast

Marmelade on toast

Muesli with yoghurt

Fruit smoothie


Popcorn surprise


All of the above need a little more time, do not come with toys ( although feel free to add your own) and could be considered healthy ( check your opinion on that)

This comes with a warning, there will be strong protests on immediate changes from day 1 to another list of breakfats choices, but try to persevere. My oldest son does not eat breakfast as a rule but can be tempted with porridge and smoothies. My middle son, who 'only' eats packet cereal with chocolate bits and CD's in them, now can be happily seen munching toast and eating popcorn surprise. The younger one has been easier to persuade and he is keen to juice the lemons and lay the table for the pancakes. He told his Dad yesterday ' not sure why we need a small plate turned upside down on a big plate when Mum makes pancakes, but I know she needs it ' ( in case you need an explanation, it is to keep them from being completely flat ( as a pancake) and makes it easier to lift them off the plate).

For some recipes on making yoghurt and granola at home, check Ardent Eden and Norene's five percent.

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