Monday, January 23, 2006


Frankly, I love shopping but I have noticed that the reasons for shopping have changed over the months. When I was really busy, working, family, reading, studying and living life in the fast lane, I have to admit that shopping indeed was my leisure activity. What interests me is the feelgood factor I got from shopping which I have now replaced with other things. I did consume to debt and am not the only one. Reading Joe Domiguez book, provided a formula for working out exactly what my hourly rate working was equivalent to. The starting point was the actual rate of pay, then deduct working expenses such as travel, clothes, lattes, lunches,hair do,2 week holiday to relax and be together as a family, gym membership etc, until you get a figure that becomes your true hourly rate, that is what you are working for.
It was a shock to say the least, but the difference between me working 4 days out of our home and staying at home equated to £ 30 per week, my true hourly rate was a lot lower ofcourse than what I got paid. It sounded so nice, but the reality was that I had no time to paint my home and would pay a decorator to do the job I had not time to do, which actually came to more than was my net hourly rate, so not truly a balance in my affairs. If you really are passionate about the work you do you may not wish to return to a homelife. I was very passionate about my work and my career, but more passionate about my children and their future. This is of course a personal decision but when I am faced with buying new clothes, I convert the cost to the true hourly rate that I need to work with and then ask myself whether I am prepared to work 6 hours for that top. Sometimes I am but mostly I am not.

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