Saturday, February 24, 2007

the sweater bee project

Its raining, again, but having visited a yarn shop yesterday and having chosen his colours, B has designed his colour scheme and all that is left to do is to get on with the design.
The colours are personal to him. I drew the shape and he used the tape measure to figure out how long he wanted his custom sweater to be. He got the colouring pencils out and coloured in the space. I have told him that if we run out of green I reserve the right to change the stripe effect of the sleeves but he understood and has told me that its OK I can use blue if I run out.
After that we wound the hanks of yarn into balls ( grenades to him) and his arm was aching.
DS 2 also bought some yarn and has started knitting a scarf today, it will be brown and brown and have a space for his MP3 player in it somewhere in a hidden pocket.
I do believe they are taking some pride in their fashion design and although it is basic it is giving them the opportunity to find out what they like and to make their own clothes which is going great to share.

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