Monday, February 05, 2007


My DS 2 son is not a natural organiser. I know this because he frequently forgets things and likes to still be guided by his Mum and Dad on what he needs for a successful day. He often feels a failure and even talked about wanting to be homeschooled. My fault I believe. You can so easily think that all your children are alike when it gets to motivation and get irritated when one falls out of line. I told him it was probably my mistake to let it get to this stage and decided to give him a folder with the student handbook at flylady. He has his launchpad ready, he likes the routines set out on paper and his room looks well.......tidy enough to hoover. This is day 3 and there is a marked improvement, his confidence is slightly up as he is able to make his bed, find his pyamas and give some thought to what he needs for the following day instead of getting us all in a panic at 7 am.

I am not sure how , but we were always told to tidy our rooms although no one ever told us how to do it. You just got shouted at on a regular basis and told your room was a mess and to get it sorted. Seems like I have done the same to my sons. Hopefully, it should enable him to get more control over his space and help him to get organised, but in the long term it will simplify my life too if the clothes are in the washing basket and not just lying on the floor or under the bed.

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