Friday, February 16, 2007

Confused pooch

Our dog Lucky ( and never call a dog lucky its tempting the universe- she has had 2 leg operations as a puppy), is very confused. She sleeps in the kitchen near the Aga and she is unsure as to why everything is being moved out. Look at the expression which is saying something like ' Are we moving? Where is my food bowl going? Why is everyone so stressed? Are you off on holiday?
I do not speak dog actually, but her expression looks so cute and...well she is right on a couple of things.

We are not moving but I am going away into respite retreat. I have to......its been planned for months, simply because I cannot be in the house when my foodfactory kitchen is being painted by DH.
There are many reasons for this:
  • I get very distressed and stressed when my environment changes ( Ok can be labelled as control freakish tendencies)
  • My DH gets stressed when he paints. ( Go away...I need to be alone to do this...moan!)
  • I would not be able to cook meals while he is painting( going in the room might attract strange looks,probably because I am territorial and when he is painting he is territorial)
  • Going away and letting him get on with the job seemed the kinder thing to do.
  • I am off with DS3 to a christian retreat centre, we will be fed well, he will be entertained and there is no TV, mostly silence and time for contemplation.

That may sound like hell to some of you, but look at the alternative.........its just been Valentine's Day and I would like to make another married year. It works best this way.

When I come back, the kitchen might look great and refreshed and so will I.
My DH's fav saying is:
It is not as simple as it looks'

He has managed though to get invited for a meal by our friends ( with the two remaining boys) and an evening to the pub ( he deserves a treat too).
I am confident that the kitchen will be great........I am off for that rest. It will be allright..... and I have a book about a village where the vicar goes off on mission work ( probably has a murder in it) so that my imagination can run wild. Also accompanied by a small boy who will have his story read, and my knitting and podcasts.

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