Monday, February 19, 2007

Communities working together

One of the reasons why I partake in the community retreat is that you get to meet a variety of people you never meet in the rural area. We may all live within 15 miles of each other but do not always meet socially.

For the last 20 years, members of our community have left for a weekend retreat to enable them to take stock of what is happening and what the needs are of members of the community. They then brainstorm together and create a plan to enable actions for change in the community we live in.

The area we live in has an large proportion of elderly residents and when you get to really sit with them and listen to their concerns it becomes apparent that many become housebound rurally and lonely because they can no longer drive. One suggestion has been a community car share network which should help people call up and book transport to venues which seems a positive move.

Lots of suggestions came up and interesting debates took place. Now all that needs to happen is for them to be actioned.
Amazing what you can achieve with 50 people, good food, rain and no TV for the weekend.
While the adults work hard and debate, the children are entertained by a youthworker and have their own things to look at.
We both left feeling more connected to the community we live in.

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