Monday, February 19, 2007

Elephants on a rainy day

The weather at the retreat was very wet and DS3 enjoyed a daytrip to the local zoo to look at all the animals and enjoyed a treasure trail around the gardens. The most exciting trail was the ‘poo trail’ which if you are 8 is probably fascinating. Most grown ups at the evening meal did not know where to look when he wanted to tell them all about it. ‘
You could even buy some rhino poo in the shop’
probably to keep domestic animals off your land.
Upon my return, the kitchen was not finished, and I was advised my DS 2 that Dh had had a case on ‘ manflu’ which had delayed the painting. Thus I have 1 wall in cream and 3 walls in bright white but I am hopeful, it will be finished soon.
Decluttering a room is a lot easier when you take everything out to paint it and then only bring back what you are using. I have a table left outside which has a lot of stuff on it that will need a new home, freecycled etc.
Today has been down to doing mondaine things such as copious amounts of ironing, washing and cleaning. What else can you do on a rainy day. The boys decided to leave the house with DH and go on a farm visit. When they return, hungry, wet and muddy...I will be ready to deal with the next load. Would not have it any other way.
I gave my digital camera to DS 3 so he could take some pictures and the best one is of the African elephant who is visibly unimpressed by having his picture taken again by a small boy. I know why he took the picture because I love elephants, frontal view mostly though!

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