Thursday, February 08, 2007

Onion trial

Having bought seeds and planted them in the polytunnel in plastic guttering I am running a trial this year comparing that with buying bulbs and starting them off in the plastic guttering and then transplanting them outside.
I have chosen a variety called setton, which should give me a crop in August. I have not been succesful with onions yet so if this does not produce a harvest worth mentioning, it will be eliminated from the growing catalogue. Simply because I have little space and onions are a crop that are cheap and easily obtained locally.

The weather is cold and snow was forecast last night but did not arrive here, some small patches on the hills that surround us. No outdoor work today, a bt of cleaning, spinning and making lasagna sauce for friends that come to dinner on saturday. I could also catch up on reading, next to the fire and finish a sock I am knitting. Such hard choices on the homestead!

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