Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Don't buy the feeling......

The definition of fun is
Fun: Playful release of energy to achieve healing through balance or transformation.

A children fun was part of our vocabulary, actually most things we enjoy bring us some kind of satisfaction. When we are told what we should, ought to, must, do.......then some of the fun seems to miss from the equasion.

The implications of doing something we enjoy are that chemicals in our body, endorphins are released that make us feel happy and contented. If we do something that we have to do, but actually do not enjoy, we release negative chemicals into our body and this can lead to toxicity , illness and disease.

Many of us make decisions not for what is good for us as individuals but what we need to do to keep up with the trends that are sold to us via the media. Every advert for 4 x 4 cars is about adventure, fun, climbing sandbanks in the sahara desert, mountain climbing as where most people with a 4 x 4 drive them in the city, maybe hankering after that adventure that will make them feel good. So when you are persuaded to buy a product, you buy into the feeling of having the product and so, you must have it. Scary thoughts.

The question is what can you do that makes you happy, is fun and comes from your inner soul. My children still have a sense of inbuilt fun, but as an adult I often hear myself say things like ' well that sounds like fun, but I am too old for that or ....I really ought to go and do this or that'. I am not talking about being irresponsible and having nothing but fun in your life, we all have responsibilities but what I seek is a balance.

If to feel good, I have to buy something that costs me a fortune and means that I need to go and work for another 4 years to pay it off, then that seems to create a spiral of discontentment. If on the other hand, a walk on the beach, toes in the water is going to make me feel connected and doing something that I consider fun, then I can do that, I have the time, I am 3 miles from the beach and why not take a picnic and make a day of it.

Needless to say, I do not have a 4 x 4!


Rebecca (in Ireland) said...

I'm very thankful that I found your blog via Living the Simple Life I Want. We have a homestead in rural Ireland.

I'm just trying to allow myself do those 'fun' things again you talk about, (not that I stopped doing them, more that I didn't have the energy to enjoy them) after having a terminal illness in the family for almost 4 years. Today I went and had a reiki massage. I find the kids are a wonderful tonic, and I like to follow their lead for fun ... running in the waves, climbing trees, rolling around in the grass, doing arts and crafts, oh, and tickling is also a brilliant pastime!

turnip said...

totally agree with you. I have found the most fun I have had in awhile has been watching my insane cats play, reading a good book with hot coffee on a cold day, or hiking. All of which are free and don't get me into debt.
Despite the lifestyle those SUV ads sell, most people are too busy working to pay off the SUV to enjoy the lifestyle they were sold.