Monday, February 12, 2007

Eye candy

The weekend was spent with friends. Winter seems to offer us the opportunity to meet with friends we have not seen for a year ( as they are too busy). We enjoyed some laughs, some good home food and the boys had time to explore their world together.

Yesterday, we were entertained and introduced to more people in our community. Some we knew, some we did not and we enjoyed lunch with 25 other people. The reason for our invite is that I have been spinning the alpaca blanket for the hostess, which she proceeded to show off to many at the party. It suddenly dawned on me that maybe this would increase word of mouth about what we do, in a way that advertising just simply would not achieve. I met artists, men who paint, people who do lectures on local history, someone building an eco house, an actor who played in the local pantomime and someone who plays the accordeon and is a wealth of knowledge on folk songs and local customs.
It is a change from the lunhes and functions we attended in the past, where there was a definite outcome, a definite way to be dressed, be seen etc. How refreshing to relax in good company, with people who have stopped pretending to be someone and actually show exactly who they are and what they do.

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