Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Still here

Life is settling back to normal, Dad is on the mend and we can settle back into our comfort zone.

At the beginning of October I checked the amount of energy electricity units we have used and average is down to 18.3 for September so I am well pleased with that. Things we did were :

turning computers off not just putting them in sleep mode
Changed washing machine programmes to less running time

This month I am doing an audit on the appliances we are using and whether they are required. I.e. how vain am I to use a hairdryer when I do not go anywhere, could I cut that down maybe?

The garden requires still tidying up mode, the pumpkins and butternut squashes are harvested. Herein the UK we will be celebrating harvest festival. Its a community thing, it culminates in a harvest supper where we get to chat, drink and be merry and toast our gratefulness of the harvest safely gathered in.
I love fall or autumn, not because it gets cooler, but because there is a richness of colour and scent, both inside and outside and it signals time to rest. The garden will rest and so will I, feet up, reading books and planning my garden plots for next year.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are posting again ! I am quite interested in your enery audit - how much does your bread machine use. I have cut my energy use to the bare bones and even use a battery radio now.