Saturday, October 14, 2006

Green and greener

We participated in a wine and wisdom evening which involved us sitting around and answering questions while sipping wine and enjoying good company and raising money for our local school.
In between the sheets of questions, we shared food brought by everyone, a bit like a potluck supper.
There were salads and then there was our salad. It stood out, it felt as if light and greencolour shone out of it, the peppers were red, the brightest red and ripe red you can imagine and it had a healthy glow. The other salads with leaves bought at the supermarket were translucent and lipid. I felt grateful that I had managed to team up with nature to provide such festive colours and a spicy salad mix which actually tasted of something and not blandness.
I enjoyed a smug feeling, enhanced by a good deal of laughter and a conviction to continue this pathway, a simpler and yet more colourful way to live, to love and spend my time on this earth.
I can celebrate the air I breathe, the joy I feel and the responsibility I sense we all have to make the most of what life gives us. I also have an awareness that the glow of the salad or the lack of it has an effect on my health.
Nature’s abudance is available to all of us, it does not have to be as it is now. There will always be choices, what’s yours?

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