Thursday, October 19, 2006


The paddock is full of mushrooms and fungi at the moment and as they say
‘ every mushroom is edible at least once!

I have no great knowledge about them, so am hoping to go out there and have a closer look with my little book, magnifying glass and find out what has landed on our plot.
The chickens looked rather damp and miserable yesterday. There are days when the colour of the sky turns grey, the whole valley is covered in clouds and a blanket of mist covers the earth. Although I miss the sunshine on those days, desperately, I always find that the landscape is a magical one.
The trees, the paddock and the main elements are the same, some animals can position themselves at will in a different place, yet nature can create a different landscape picture every day that has the ability to influence the way I perceive it. The sun will be in a particular position, the trees will have leaves or be bare, the grass will be long or short. Their essence of being present is not changed, they are what they are and I am what I am, and yet....the landscape allows us to immerse in it every day.

Emerson defines nature as an all-encompassing divine entity inherently known to us in our unfettered innocence, rather than as merely a component of a world ruled by a divine, separate being learned by us through passed-on teachings in our experience.

On misty, dark days, when I long for the sunshine to warm me, I look for the wonder in the landscape and am not often disappointed.

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