Friday, October 27, 2006

Back from Gent

Survived the public transport of the UK and wallowed in the efficiency and cleanliness of the public transportation system in Belgium. Its been quite an adventure upon which I will reflect over the next couple of days with a few hints on what to see, to do and eat locally there. We stayed in the fantastic monasterium hotel which is the site of an old monastry, simple rooms with Tv and shared bathroom but oodles of atmosphere and right in the centre of Gent. Living in a rural place in the UK means that going to a city can be an interesting experience and I really enjoyed my time there. Will get back to you tomorrow but have to go and pack a suitcase for one of my DS who is off to a twinning school trip to France and there is washing to catch up on. Ah, the pleasures of being back at home......

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