Friday, October 06, 2006

Fear -v-Love

If you have heard enough about the Amish post - look away.
What follows is a wider perspective I have had today about that.
What do we usually do when we are hit by violence? We go in denial, retaliate, we create boundaries of fear, we ask why and we want revenge.
Imagine being shown a different way, a way in which it can be recognised that it can be overcome with Love, forgiveness and support?

Yes it is probably easier to summon an army, create guns and go after the ‘ other’ party that has injured you and your family. Does it not say ‘ an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’. That would be one way of reacting and one we follow quite often.

Over the last few days, we have been shown an alternative way to respond. We human beings have the power to stand united, in love, together and consider all the victims of a situation and they can be found in both areas of conflict. And instead of firing a gun we could, maybe we just could reach out a hand and see that the other person is hurting just as badly and listen to that pain. This has got to be hardest thing to do, and yet if the Amish are capable of doing so, that means we are humanly capable of doing this and we do not always have to start fighting.

Guess that,s what diplomacy does, trying to find the common shared beliefs and values and build a dialogue around that. Its Ok to be angry, its Ok to feel pain ....the real courage comes from meeting whatever happens with compassion, love, forgiveness and courage.

Think about it and how together we could apply all the love, compassion, forgiveness to the earth and all its people. It needs courage.....

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