Monday, October 30, 2006

Energy reduction in progress

I had to give the latest meter reading to the electricity supplier and had a look at what other features they provide on the website and the above graph does show that our consumption has been reduced so far each time we have had a bill, so that is after all encouraging, although there has to be some variation due to the summer.

One little tip on those appliances that are on standby :

Plug them all in an extension lead and then you can switch that off at the plug at night or when it is not required, it helps those moments when you are on hands and knees trying to figure out which plug is which. I had no idea for instance that some appliances, even if they are off and the rechargers are in the plug, that they actually consume energy ( that relates to rechargeable battery chargers, game and phone chargers).

The chancellor today made a speech on how the Uk is going to lead the change on global warming: I stand amazed and watch for the actions to come rolling in. I guess it will be in the form of taxes on this and that....which will mean that those with money are unlikely to change their habits and will just carry on as usual. I may be wrong of course, what do you think?

For some wonderful nature pictures as wallpaper or screensavers the BBC has a treat here.

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