Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trains, tube, tunnels and trains.....

I have not visited my parents lately as they live quite a way away but had planned a short trip after spotting a bargain train fare in the papers some weeks ago. Usually I would have flewn to see them, which would take a 2 hours car journey followed by 1 hour flight. This time though, I am planning travelling using public transport which will be a 10 hour trip. It has been challenging to find times and journeys that match with not to many waiting times in between but then I hope to reflect on a different travel style. I have made a commitment to no longer fly if possible in order to reduce my carbon footprint and there seemed no better time than to just be getting on with it. We leave Monday and will be back Thursday which will give us some time to do some sightseeing and also visit relatives and spend quality time together. It will require some navigation skills.
I always travel light as in the past I have found that even the smallest backpack can accommodate clothes for a few days. I have always found that I could purchase toothbrushes etc at my destination. One thing I am packing for sure is my knitting, a good book and some water. My 10 year old DS has been waiting for this trip for some time which we were unable to do due to me being poorly for such a long time. This means a lot to us both and I will enjoy showing him where I was born and where my roots are. It will also be good for me to touch base with that. Our values and beliefs colour how we behave in our world and from time to time it is good to revisit how we picked these values and beliefs up, which ones we changed and why and which glasses we use to read the world around us. I’ll get back to you soon.

Thanks to AK and others who left comments about the school travel project, there were some excellent ideas in that, go check it out if you can.

I leave you with a quote from Reshad Feild

If we are truly in the present moment, and not being carried away by our thoughts and fantasies, then we are in a position to be free of fate and available to our destiny. When we are in the present moment, our work on Earth begins.

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Anonymous said...

Have a great trip. My son loved train travel when he was young - there is so much to see and the hustle and bustle of train stations is a great experience - not as stressful as airports these days. I agree with you about flying - we only fly to see family now and when we retire we will go by train. Have you checked out The Man in Seat Sixty One.