Monday, October 09, 2006

25 ways to a simpler life

        1.        Can you give up a car?
        2.        Plan your meals, start with planning them for a week, a month then keep nthe months to refer to each year.
        3.        Eat what is in season, its creative, it should be cheaper and is better for you and the environment
        4.        Order our groceries online. It makes shopping easire, no travelling, it comes to you and its easier to stick to your shopping list.
        5.        Sort out your budget and give adults and children an allowance to spend as they wish. It makes it less depriving and allows the children and adults to make spending decisions as they wish and can afford. Whatever is affordable as allowance but stick to it.
        6.        Devide spending budget into small portions and do not spend more than allocated ( swimming, clothes, books?)
        7.        Start a vegetable garden, even if its juts a herb box. Start small and grow what you eat. Increase variety and check amounts each year to ensure you have a continuous supply.
        8.        Can, freeze any surplus and look around for surplus of other gardeners.
        9.        Buy secondhand goods, check freecycle for wanted and offers.
        10.        Don’t use paper towels or wipes.
        11.        Close the curtains as it gets dark, saves energy and keeps the heat in.
        12.        Dry your clothes on the line when possible.
        13.        Take a shower instead of a bath.
        14.        Spend time with people instead of shopping.
        15.        Get into vintage things
        16.        Make some of your own clothes; knitting, sewing etc
        17.        Bring and buy to charity shops.
        18.        Love reading, discover your library.
        19.        Love learning
        20.        Read good books and pass them on.
        21.        Turn your thermostat down one degree
        22.        Do everything possible to pay of debt and avoid taking on new debt.
        23.        Move to a smaller house with larger garden if you can.
        24.        Insulate your home.
        25.        Save water

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