Monday, October 09, 2006

What can you do at the library?

What can you expect from your local library service?
• Free books to browse and borrow

At least 6 free books per person
• A wide range of reading resources
From bestsellers to new and older titles, books you won’t find in your bookshop, talking and large print books, magazines, newspapers and text books
• Any book from anywhere
Order any book through your library (even out of print books)
• A community of readers
Connect to other readers through reading groups and recommendations
• Modernised, customer friendly services, right for the community
Convenient opening hours to suit local people Easy to join, get answers to questions and borrow books, CDs and DVDs
• Internet for all
Every library has computers and staff trained to help you use them
• 24 hour access
Through your library’s online catalogue, online reference and other services
• Expert, helpful staff
To answer your questions and offer advice on reading and information
• Free, independent information
From a trustworthy source
• Events programme
Regular events, including activities for readers and author visits
• Family activities
Family reading and learning activities – baby rhyme time, homework clubs, holiday reading challenges...
• A place for young people
A safe local space with things to do
• Help with learning
Resources and advice for learning, including improving reading and writing skills
• A well maintained and equipped building
A safe, accessible, local community space that’s a pleasure to visit
• Have your say and get involved
The best libraries have a lot to offer you. To find your local library go to

And then there is the audio collection too. When did you last discover your library?
I am going to expore whether they will get me a book that is on my list to read and that does not seem to be on the catalogue.
Thank you Nat for your comment and putting me in touch with the Love Libraries website

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