Saturday, September 30, 2006

Little break

There seems hours of work to do in the garden to currently clear up beds and do some fall planting. As autumn mellowness fills the air, I can be found in my kitchen making apple pie, chutney and all sorts of items.
I am needed by my family at the moment as my father has been admitted to hospital. My priority is my relationships and how I fulfil these currently, so if I am not posting for a while, it is simply because when it comes to the crunch, I go where I am needed and my thoughts need to be a bit closer to home.
One of the bonuses of downshifting has been that I have time to devote to relationships, as before other things materially seemed to get in the way. In the final analisys very little matters other than being with the people we love and simply being with them and holding them through a difficult time.

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