Wednesday, September 06, 2006


What exactly is Glug? Glug is our new washing liquid. It is not available anywhere in the shops, quite exclusive! Another eyeopener. We love soft fabrics against our skins which meant that we went through 3 bottles of washing liquid per month in addition to 2 bottles of softener. Glug has changed all that. I used this recipe here. The second day I had a mass of slime at the top and water underneath and wondered whether I had done the right thing. I used a large balloon whisk to make it equal to the washing liquids we have bought so far.My Dh suggested pine fragrance and I added some essential oils to it but its not a fragrance I would recommend as it reminds me of disinfectant at the moment. Orange or lavender and camomile will be the next ones to try. 9 out of 10 washes turned out great with great washing power......and no softener required. My question therefore is whether the manufacturers make the powders so harsh that you have to use softener to deal with the residue of the washing chemicals. Some of my children have skin allergies and we have had to be very careful in choosing the right chemicals to bathe them in ( sarcasm!). Glug solves all these problems, no allergies, no plastic bottles to recycle. I am searching for that clean cotton smell.......

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