Monday, September 25, 2006

Saving water

Conserving water as a vital resource.....
On average we use 70% more water today than 30 years ago.

❑ Take a shower instead of a bath - showers save water
❑ use a glass of water to rinse your teeth as leaving the tap on uses 10 litres
❑ Fit a water saving device on your toilet cistern to cut back on the equivalent of 2 baths of water used to flush your toilet.
❑ When making a cup of tea, only fill sufficient water for your needs, rather than filling it to the top and heating that up.
❑ Use a bowl to do your washing up, using environmentally friendly liquid means you can then pour the grey water on your garden.
❑ Only use the dishwasher when it is full.
❑ Water plants in the garden with a watering can using harvested water. A garden hose uses a lot of water that evaporates on hot days. (also good exercise)
❑ Look at clay pot irrigation
❑ Don’t cut the lawn too close- longer grass sends down deeper roots and reduces weeds.
❑ Use water used for bathing to water your plants.

Remember that water is a necessity for living.......

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