Sunday, September 10, 2006

And then there was the gas rebate

Just when I thought I was going to have to find some extra money a letter arrived with an incredible message. It was a bit like the card you draw in monopoly, the community chest card......we have noticed that you have paid too much, we overcalculated your usage and we will be sending you a cheque for X and be reducing your monthly payment by 25 %. I like getting these type of letters.

To give you an idea of the recent changes on my utility bill:
Gas now reduced by 25%
electricity up by 2 %
food consumption reduced by 50% ( not lost any weight though)
water utility bill is standard we are not on a meter.
Cable TV, managed to reduce regular payment and haggle.
TV line rental, reduced by 5%.

Some of it goes up and others go down, in general terms, money out is less and consumption is less.

Other changes that have had positive effects on our budget :
DVd and games longer buying. This is a halfway point as after some time we will not be accumulating games ( stuff) and hopefully interest will wane.
Using the library instead of pushing the amazon button. Hard one to do and occasionally I treat myself when they do not have the book in the library.
Growing our own food has made a big change to how much I cook and how much packaging is produced in this household.
Using the car for essential journey only and sharing transport has reduced our fuel consumption.

Its good to see it on paper ( or screen).

To reduce computer and TV time I am going to invest in a wind up timer and give us all more focussed time to play with.

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Anonymous said...

I love you blog - keep it up. I employ most of the strategies that you do but I do wash my clothes on cold and hang them. I have also bought a grain mill and hope when I get it up and running it will be good.