Thursday, September 21, 2006

Price of fuel check

Reducing the use of a car is great but getting fuel for the best possible price also means less money to spend. At they search the service stations in your area and you can also get an email update as to where the cheapest fuel is within a designated travel radius. It may only be pennies but as most cars take more than 30 l fuel in, its worth knowing where the best price is.

The website is also full of useful information on sharing lifts and a useful blog that keeps you updated with tips on reducing car need etc.

If you are starting a college course, why not find out if anyone closeby travels the same way and see if you can share their transport costs. can find out whether anyone close to you goes the same way.
If you are cycling to work or wanting some more info on how your employer can introduce a cycle to work scheme with tax benefits, check out the Department of Transport guidelines.

Summary on transport costs

✓ Reduce the use of your car by planning journeys or sharing transport
✓ Reduce costs of fuel by checking out where the cheapest supply is located near you.
✓ Try alternative ways to go from A to B, use a travel planner to compare costs, time etc
✓ If you consider cycling to work, see if your employer has a scheme if not why not tell them about it.

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