Wednesday, May 31, 2006


It came yesterday and it was a pleasant surprise. The electricity bill, online now as I want to save paper. I do not usually get excited at bills arriving on my doorstep but I wanted to see whether the changes we had made, had in fact had an impact somewhere like on the bill for all to see. It did, bearing in mind that this is for the last 3 months, our supply has gone down to such an extent that I am still in credit after paying the bill off so hopefully, even though prices are going up, my monthly contribution will stay the same. I can therefore say that the lightbulb changes do make a difference as well as turning off the lights and generally being more efficient in our use.

I have also stopped buying computer games. For many reasons, mainly because they cost a lot, rob my kids from family time and they are addictive, I want them to do better things than think a life can be zapped and started all over again when you press a button. I am renting them for the moment so they get a chance to wean themselves off the buying consumer wagon and gradually reduce the use. It also means they can have a better choice, i.e. play with them and then decide whether they are any good.( and I can censure the games as they have to be ordered via me!) They also have to wait for them to arrive which is also good as it means they do not expect instant gratification. I no longer have to go to town in the car using petrol as they arrive by post. This is the in between step. I also no longer will be encouraging games boxes into the house reducing clutter.

I personally do not spend time watching TV on a regular basis, even with 46 channels there is little to tempt me, I am now more in favour of fresh air, reading and enjoying my relationships.

So who would have thought that changing your lightbulbs would have such interesting effects. I dare you, change a lightbulb, change your life and help the planet.

By the way, the boys and I went into town to buy Dad's birthday gifts and the message is getting through, he will getting real useful stuff.......well thought out by the boys as well as handmade cards and a lovely home made birthday cake. I am looking forward to the day very much, I will be cooking his fav meal from scratch and we will really celebrate him and not be rushed into consuming. It was my monthly trip to town, to buy stuff, such as school trousers, spiced tea, school socks and birthday pressies which I cannot get locally. I have become a very focussed shopper, once a month. It feels satisfying.

One of the boys spent some money on a blow up pool, which they have been thoroughly enjoying putting together, filling with cold water and screaming the neighbourhood down..........sad about the fact its plastic, but then again, they have spent 3 hours working things out and splashing in there enjoying themselves. Just think, they could have been playing competitive computer games instead......there is progress. The message is slowly trickling in. Well I am confident that if the media can master advertising drip drip effect, I should have no problem parenting using the same style.

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